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A vintage fan for an old historic home that is hot during the summerHappy Summer

Happy Summer! I hope yours is going smoothly and that you’re enjoying the sun without getting toooooo hot. I know it’s been a bit hotter than usual, which does make it harder for those without air conditioning. That’s especially true for old vintage homes that may not have updated thicker insulation in them, isn’t it? Of course fans do help. (Don’t you like this cool vintage fan from Vornado?) But they don’t drop the temperatures that much.

In case your home is feeling a bit hotter than you’d like and you’re thinking of upgrading to another lovely old vintage home that has air conditioning in it, here’s a link to help you with that – just click here.

Historic Old Church Building

Speaking of old homes…which makes me think of vintage buildings…reminded me that I wanted to share this photo I shot of one set of doors in a particularly lovely old historic church I visited a while back. Can you see the windows above the door? Aren’t they lovely?

Historic old church buildings intermix with historic houses and vintage homes and other real estate

This whole area has so many great old, vintage, and often historic homes and buildings. I loved the many vintage buildings and homes I used to see as I drove around the area.

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Have a great summer!

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