Delicious Pies, Unique Gifts, And Tasty Dinner In One of the Historic Homes in Elizabethtown Kentucky

Do you love good pies and love old antiques including vintage houses and buildingsIf you’re reading this blog, you probably love old historic homes in various locations, including Elizabethtown, Kentucky. And you might also enjoy vintage style, country home decorations for your house as well?

If in addition to all this, you also love peach cobbler or peanut butter pie, you will definitely want to visit Back Home Restaurant in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.

Not only will you find those tasty pies. You’ll enjoy “real country food like your Grandma used to make,” such as beans, country ham, and corn bread.

After you are done eating (or before, if there is a wait for a seat), you can enjoy browsing through the various rooms, upstairs and down, loaded to the gills with country decor classics such as wooden pictures, sweet scented candles, delicious candies, and a variety of other unique gifts for yourself or others.

You can click here to see the menu or click here to see some of the gifts you can pick from. Or better yet, head to the old Kentucky home (an historic Italian style house built in 1872), that is housing Back Home Restaurant, 251 West Dixie Ave. Elizabethtown, KY 42701 and enjoy a delicious and tasty treat. Just watch for their sign at Dixie and Miles…

Then check out this sign in front of Back Home Restaurant in Elizabethtown Kentucky

Vintage Old Trees And Antique Historic Homes Combine to Make A Sweet Summer Time In Elizabethtown, Kentucky

I love the gorgeous old trees that often accompany lovely antique historic houses for sale.jpgSummertime! The word evokes the memories of sweet days gone by, children running barefoot through sprinklers, gorgeous trees sharing their luscious shade on the old-fashioned vintage homes below, birds chirping merrily, and even an occasional bunny rabbit running through the tall green grass.

Those were the days – long ago – when many of the lovely vintage homes in Elizabethtown and the surrounding areas were built. The the best part of it all – those days continue today.

There are still sweet children running through the sprinklers under trees that are older than their grandparents. The shade from those trees are such a blessing to them and their families – whether they are outside relaxing in a lounge, smiling at the wee ones, or inside working on a fun family puzzle or game.

Such a sweet time in the summer in one of the lovely old historic homes in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Do come visit the area and enjoy the sights, sounds, and memories, won’t you?