Fireworks Fun in Louisville Kentucky!

One of the great things about living in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, is that you get to enjoy sweet country living but you have big city fun just a few miles down the road! Like the annual excitement of the Thunder Over Louisville Fireworks Show in Louisville Kentucky! Enjoy!

Wasn’t that fun! And with Hardin County right next door to Jefferson County, there are plenty more great activities to discover!

Radcliff City Park is One of Our Favorite Parks in Hardin County, Kentucky

Hardin County has so many grand parks - kids love the many varieties of slides

Parks! My kids and grandkids and I have always loved going to the park – doesn’t matter what time of year it is. And here in Hardin County, Kentucky that’s even more true because of all the wonderful parks we’ve discovered. Today I thought I’d shine a spotlight on one of our two “favoritest” parks. This one is in Radcliff, quite close to the main entrance to Fort Knox. Here’s the map per Google.

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 You will enter from Dixie – If you’re coming from Elizabethtown, Kentucky, head northwest on      US-31W N / W Dixie Ave toward Fort Knox, KY You will go through most of Radcliff, and pass under the overpass that leads to Wilson. Turn left on City Park Dr / Cs-2053 – You should see this sign (below). It’s not a huge sign, and it can be a bit hard to spot, but it’s well worth the hunt!

It can be hard to spot from a distance but it is definitely worth looking for this delightful Radcliff city park in Hardin County

Once you turn into the driveway (beside a small strip mall) and drive in back to the park, you’ll first discover this skateboard park. It’s a popular spot for my family, as well as others. On days when school is out and the weather is great, it can be quite busy. But if you don’t mind going out on a cooler or breezy day, especially in the early afternoon, it’s often quite free for you to enjoy.

Got kids or grandkids who love skateboards - it even has a skateboard park with ramps

Drive up the road a bit and you’ll arrive at a covered picnic area with two restrooms. You can park in the spaces up above or in the rocky “parkways” along the playgrounds. And what a treat! Just down the hill from the picnic area are TWO large playground areas.  All ages can enjoy both and on busy days, it’s such fun to have more space to roam. There are swings, an updated version of teeter-totters, and this fun rock-climbing board. Not to mention a few different slides including the one pictured at the top.A very fun rock climbing board for the younger kids

The kids in our family love it because of all the playground equipment. I love it because of its wonderful shade all around. Even on the hottest of days, we can usually enjoy our time there under tall, old trees. If they could talk, I bet they’d have some interesting historic tales to share with us.

It may be hot but the kids will not notice it as much at this delightful and well-shaded park in Radcliff Kentucky

Among may other fun goodies you’ll discover at this park, are a walking trail, basketball courts, and even a “Frisbee” Disc Golf Course. It’s especially great for the teens in the group.

Radcliff City Park is my personal favorite because of all the shade, not to mention the cute critters like squirrels smiling away. Don’t let me forget to tell you about the kids’ favorite park though. Coming soon. In the meantime, join me in a lovely PINK visit to Pink Saturday.

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