Loved This Old Yet Beautifully Remodeled 1937 Home

Wonderful remodeled old houseLOVELY OLD HOME WITH SWEET CHARACTER

I DO love old homes and if you’re reading this, you probably agree with me. They have such character! Many have larger rooms than current construction. And the price is often a bit less than the same home in newer construction. Combine all that with a well-done remodeled older home and often you really do get the best of both worlds! Now throw in a gorgeous water view and we’re talking sheer bliss.

Here’s a grand example of that! This lovely home was built in 1937 and has lovely HUGE rooms throughout the home. And oh my! It was so beautiful, both looking AT the home and looking OUT at the water so close to the home! I visited it on Tuesday and kept exclaiming over the delightful bathrooms and bedrooms, that have been remodeled so wonderfully.


With 3700 square feet, this 4 bedroom 3 bathroom home has plenty to offer for a wide variety of needs. It’s definitely grand for a large family. It could also be very useful for multigenerational family needs such as caring for an elderly parent while still raising your children. There is a lovely bedroom and full bathroom on the main floor with a view to the garden my own senior mom would absolutely love!

My elderly mom would love a gorgeous view like this from her main floor bedroom in this old 1937 home Upstairs are 3 more bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms! How often do you see all the bathrooms in the home FULL-sized, complete with both bath and shower. That’s definitely one of the treasures you often find with vintage homes like this one!

I loved the tennis/basketball court down front! My grandkids would be “over the moon” over that! Plus, with almost 30,000 square feet of land, there’s plenty more space for children to spread out. Then again, you can even consider subdividing a property this size – again, a grand option for a multigenerational family with elderly parents or college student kids who want to be near but have some privacy as well.

There’s plenty of room to park for any size family. Not only is there a huge garage and a carport! There’s also a long driveway. If you’re having a party, you can even put the athletic court to work by parking cars there!


And for all of us homeschoolers, this type of property has a variety of different spaces to use for various projects, quiet workplaces, and outside gardens for fun and educational science experiments! Plus, being so close to the water would definitely have pluses for P.E. time in good weather.


As I walked through all the various rooms, I was especially touched by the different items I remembered from older homes and dear friends I’d known many many years ago. It was almost like getting to enjoy a bit of a visit with sweet friends from days gone past and I loved that!

It was truly a delight to visit this lovely old home with such lovely gardens. I’m glad I got to visit it and I’m glad I get to share it with you here as well.

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