Happy Ultimate Blog Party 2014 Greetings to All of You from Kaye Swain of Historic Old Houses

Kaye Swain REALTOR with Keller Williams RealtyWoohoo! Old Historic Houses DO know how to party and I’m here to prove it for the Ultimate Blog Party 2014, also known as the #UBP14.

I’ve got plenty to drink – Pepsi AND Cherry Coke – I love them with crushed ice – coke slushies! When my grandkids and I aren’t exploding them with mentos, that is…

Love Pepsi and Cherry Coke slushies

And how about an old-fashioned cotton candy?

Old Fashioned Cotton Candy makes a grand treat for visitors to Old Historic Homes For Sale

Now sit back and let me introduce myself.  I’m Kaye Swain, a geeky and tech-savvy REALTOR®, grandma, caregiver, and old house owner – past and present. I’ve owned a couple of 1940s homes (I like to call them Fab 40s because they really were fabulous homes and because I spent a good portion of my life living in Roseville, near Sacramento, California and always heard about the Fab 40s there and it stuck 🙂 ) – one stucco and one traditional brick, and an old historic Craftsman cottage / bungalow from the “Roaring 20s.” On top of that, one of my loved ones owned a gorgeous 100-year-old historic Victorian Farmhouse with huge rooms, original wooden floors and light fixtures, and the most awesome mature trees and backyard EVER.  When they had to relocate and sell their sweet home, I started this blog, Old Historic Homes for Sale, to help advertise the home and sell it faster. Then I kept this blog to help my other real estate clients who are looking to buy or sell their old and sometimes historic homes.

Between the blog posts, the twitter posts in the right column, and the Facebook, G+, Houzz, Hometalk, and Pinterest boards I have dedicated to these great old homes full of old and new family memories, you’ll find plenty of interest including rustic, traditional, shabby chic and other intriguing types of home decor, gardening ideas, home remodeling and decorating information and tips for buying or selling old houses.

In addition to writing here at Old Historic Homes, you can find me at SandwichINK and SandwichINK Real Estate Info for boomers and seniors caring for elderly parents while raising children or helping with grandkids. I’m also at KayeSwain.com. All of these, plus all my social media sites, plus working with my real estate clients, as well as helping my family definitely keep me on the run – something I thrive on.

Now, before you leave, it’s time for some party entertainment:

First, a cute pix of one of my sweet granddogs – and isn’t that a fun poster. I made it with a new photo app – Poster Pro – I just downloaded – it’s free at the moment, tho maybe not for long – AND it’s a fun word search game for the grandkids too – tell them to find the word(s) this grandma mistyped 🙂Kaye Swain REALTOR and granddog posterHere’s a video of some photos I’ve taken while previewing some of the lovely old homes for sale while working as a REALTOR…

AND party gifts:

First party gift – a link to a FREE iPhone app called AppsGoneFree – every day it tells me about 4-7 FREE for THAT DAY apps. It’s a grand resource and it’s how I found the Poster Pro above along with a couple of hundred excellent tools and resources for helping me with real estate AND fun games for my grandkids AND great photo apps AND more. CLICK HERE to download it then ENJOY! (It doesn’t appear that Android has the same app but I did find Droid of the Day – with one free app per day and good reviews. 🙂 )

3 More Free Party Gifts – Enjoy these cute coloring pages:

One of many old historic homes these Saltbox houses make great coloring pages


Cute vintage home decor - a coloring page for visitors to Old Historic Houses For SaleA delightful old historic home coloring page for visitors to Old Historic Homes For Sale

Thank you so much for visiting Old Historic Homes – have a grand time at the rest of the Ultimate Blog Party 2014. Don’t forget to visit KayeSwain.com, SandwichiNK, and SandwichiNKrealEstateInfo, with even more free goodies, before heading off to:

Kaye and Old Historic Homes for Sale and beyond are joining 5MinutesForMom for the Ultimate Blog Party 2014 - Join us


Pink Saturday is a fun visit to lovely pink things including cute houses for real estate agents to enjoy FULL

Looking for old vintage maybe historic homes-click here

P.S. Got any real estate questions? Or did you want to search the MLS for vintage old homes? Just click here.  🙂


Happy Ultimate Blog Party 2014 Greetings to All of You from Kaye Swain of Historic Old Houses — 8 Comments

  1. Exciting to hear about your passion for old houses. I used to live in an old wood house from 1923 and it was wonderful. These houses are something extra here in Sweden, red with white corners:) You seem to have many creative ideas. I am most of all a photo nerd… so that is what my blog is about:) Great to meet you!

    • How fun to meet you Linda. I’m turning into a photo app geek myself. And taking a ton more photos as a result. 🙂

  2. Thanks for visiting me over at http://www.ageekinglasses.com. I’m having so much fun meeting people at the #UBP14. I love everything vintage! I used to live in a very cool 1920’s colonial in New England, now I live in a 1970’s ranch. It’s just not the same, but the view is amazing. Have a great weekend! -Steph

  3. How wonderful it is to Meet and Greet from the UBP14. Love your post and have enjoyed by time spent at your blog. I too have a passion for Older and Vintage homes. and Played with all your social media icons and liked, followed and posted my way through your post. Thanks for sharing your coloring book photos I love Cards and I have been dabbling with coloring with gel pens, one of my many love of techniques

  4. How lovely to meet you Linda! Thank you for visiting me, I so appreciate it.

  5. Hello! Stopping by from UBP14! Love these historic homes. We do not have a lot in my area, but love exploring in Los Angeles and other cities!