Pretty In Pink and Blue And Plenty Of Room In the Kitchen

What lovely pink and blue china to decorate a historic old homeAn old historic home is often so much larger than newer subdivision homes. That can be especially true for those of us on tighter budgets. The house we are currently living in has very little kitchen cupboard space and – oh my! That can be so frustrating, can’t it. We have to stockpile some of our canned goods in the garage. Then we forget we put them there, buy more, and yikes! Too many cans! Of course, that’s great when the Thanksgiving charity drives start collecting canned goods! But a bit frustrating the rest of the year.

Compare those too few and too small cupboards with this gorgeous pantry cupboard in one of my favorite old historic homes. It’s HUGE, it’s SPACIOUS, and it even has glass doors. Perfect for china or if you already had a china hutch, you could also use this lovely built in cupboard and drawers to store canned goods or everyday plates and see at a glance what you’re out of. And you still have even more storage space in the updated cupboards all around the sink and stove OR in the spacious island.

This lovely built-in cupboard and drawers in a lovely and historic old Victorian Farmhouse makes a delightful china cupboard OR food pantry -


Right now, though, it does have the lovely China dishes with pretty PINK pictured at the top of this article, just to welcome you to this Pink Saturday post! Oh my, I really do love those spacious areas in vintage homes. They are so sweetly reminiscent of another era, one that was a bit slower paced and maybe a tad on the gracious side. And still just as practical in today’s speedy drive-thru era. What do you think?

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Pretty In Pink and Blue And Plenty Of Room In the Kitchen — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you so much for your visit and kinds words about my cousin’s passing. I appreciate it so much.

    I too love the old homes and have an Aunt and Uncle that lives in one. My grandparents also lived in a beautiful Victorian home as well. The home you shared with the kitchen and pantry with lovely china and cabinets, is so lovely. I well remember my grandparents home and the wonderful rooms with built-ins and huge porches. Times when life was easier.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  2. I love the historic homes and always wanted to live in one. My first few years of life were spent living in my grandparents’ house and it was beautiful with a huge front porch. It had the built-ins too and so much room. Thanks so much for sharing with Tea Time and I hope your coming week is a pleasant one.