Modern Day Help for Historic Old Houses

Kaye Swain REALTOR recommends changing locks when you move in but you may need a specialist for that in an old Vintage houseToday is turning into a KEY day for me. At, I wrote about the importance of rekeying or replacing the locks on your doors when you move into a new-to-you home. Since we never know WHO had the keys in the past, that’s always an important safety step. That’s pretty easy in a home that’s not too old. But if you have one of the lovely historic old houses that’s 75+ years old, it can be a bit more challenging, don’t you think?

A 100-year-old home in our family in the past had normal door knobs on the back door. But the front door had an odd gizmo. The owners kept it as is for the first half of their life their. During the second half, the lock broke. They ended up adding a deadbolt to the original door. That way they could enjoy the beauty of the old oak with the safety of a newer lock.

With a 1925 Craftsman in Roseville California that I loved, it had a gorgeous door with all windows. Not the safest type of door, in my humble opinion. The door way was also not the traditional size. I was faced with replacing the whole shebang with a custom door – not cheap! A slightly less expensive option that allowed me to keep my purty windowed door and made me feel a bit safer was to go with a vintage-style iron security door that had grape vines crafted in and mesh that could keep out the flies. It was gorgeous, safe, and worked a lot better than the cheap screen doors for letting in fresh air but keeping out the fresh salespeople.

My husband was a total Do-It-Yourselfer. But with him safely nestled in heaven, I’m a “call the best person to do the job-er.” However, for all you DIY-ers, there are some great helps for all of us on YouTube. Of course, my fave – which was my husband’s fave – is This Old House.  Here’s a video of a home’s front door being totally replaced and resized. I wish I’d seen this back with my vintage Craftsman Cottage.

And here’s a video from EnduringCharm that looks quite interesting and helpful on how to replace one of those REALLY old doors – though I’m not sure if it’s inside or out. I have subscribed to his site as well. I really appreciate that he has replied to many, if not all, of the questions on his page.

Of course, when you watch these videos, make sure to check them carefully to be sure they really know what they’re doing. But boy, wouldn’t my husband have loved all these grand resources! And I bet y’all love them too!

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P.P.S. If you have elderly parents living with you or are helping them with their home, be sure to visit my third KEY article, with suggestions to help them with aging in place.

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