Home Happy and Budget Bliss In Many Old Historic Homes

This lovely bedroom is pretty in pinkMany old Victorian Farmhouses have plenty of room for a large family – inside and out! The kitchens of many old historic homes can be huge, like this one, and you may also find an equally large formal dining room.

I love the flexibility of so many of the historic old homes that are full of rich history yet practical for today’s large family.

One I had was a smaller Craftsman Cottage that was great but not really made for a big family. But another old home we were blessed with was a great home for all families, including those who love to homeschool! The laundry room was the biggest I’ve ever seen and could easily double as a large school room, toy room,  or rec room. And on rainy or snowy days when the kids got the “wiggles,” there was plenty of room all through the house to keep them active and occupied.

This lovely home is no longer available but there are many others out there to be a blessing to many families. Have you found one for your family? We’d love to hear about it.

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