Grandkid Fun in This Cool Old But Remodeled Home

Pink Flowers are decorating this lovely old and vintage houseA lovely and unique home with lovely flowers to grace the entrance way! And those pinks and whites are popping out all over right now! Aren’t these flowers lovely?

As pretty as they are, though, my eyes were magnetized by the cutest thing I spotted INSIDE one of the cute old houses for sale that I visited, which has since sold. Our grandkids would LOVE to find THIS in a home, don’t you think? THIS is a little “hidey-hole” – just big enough for kids and puppies and kitties to crawl through and located in the closet wall that adjoins two rooms that are great for kids or grandkids.

My grandkids would LOVE this cute little hidey-hole between their bedrooms in this nicely updated old house

This cute, beautifully remodeled home was built in 1920. It’s one of the many delightful old homes in the area. The current owner, a very talented architect, obviously enjoyed working on and updating this old house. It’s full of lovely, fun, useful, and practical upgrades like these adorable hidey-holes. The kitchen is another grand example of that as it’s full of cupboards and drawers that are very handily placed.

The kitchen in this remodeled old house in has tons of cabinets and cupboards

Of course, loving books the way I do, I would have this room packed full of them. Then again, my grandkids would immediately be thinking, “my hobby collection would look GREAT on all these shelves!.”

I love all the bookcases and other grand built-ins for this delightful old home where I love to help you with your real estate needs

And take a gander at the garage. Oh my!  It would be a terrific place for my grandkids bikes, my senior mom’s garden supplies, and our garden tools. Of course, my sweet sons-in-law would all think “BIG TOOL SPACE!”

One of the cool old but updated houses this has a great garage with an extra room and built in cupboards

But my grandkids (can you tell who rules the roost – at least for this article 🙂 ) would all be melting at the sight of the fun playhouse that goes with this lovely old home. They were blessed with another old house a couple of years ago that also came with a built-in fort and swing-set. That’s always such fun when you can buy a house complete with play equipment. It definitely makes a move much easier for the kids, I think.

My grandkids would LOVE this cool playhouse fort and large yard in this cool old house for sale

Oh my, I do enjoy visiting the delightful old houses in the neighborhoods around me. Particularly when they are this cool! What do you think? 🙂

Fun for grandparents whether at home or out and about at the Grand Social

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