The Sweet Scents and Sights of History

I loved this pink sweet pea hiding in the flowers near an old historic mansionWhile out driving, I spotted a gorgeous old house with a rich full history. It used to be open to the public on special occasions but now it stands empty, day after day, looking more deserted after all these many months.

There’s even a missing or broken window upstairs in this lovely. But it is surrounded by lush and lovely flowers, trees, and plants. Many, if not all of those were most likely planted decades ago – perhaps even more than 100 years ago. Isn’t that an intriguing thought?

Check out the first photo above. That’s a pink sweet pea hiding in the midst of those pretty purple posies! And the Roses! So lush and lovely and they smell grand as well!

I love all the heirloom flowers around this lovely Victorian old home

Mature landscaping and heirloom flowers are some of the delights of old historic homes-Kaye Swain REALTOR

So many lovely old historic and heirloom flowers at this vintage old home-Kaye Swain REALTOR

Old flowers and vintage homes can be a sweet delight-Kaye Swain REALTOR

It was a delightful stroll down memory lane accompanied by the sweet sight and scent of lovely and mature landscaping. And of course, as always, my favorite plants at this historic old home were the sweet scented roses! A true delight!

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