This Historic Home Was a Definite Treat To Visit

Updated and classic old craftsman historic homeWhat a fun week this was. While visiting friends, I got to visit the most GORGEOUS historic old, yet wonderfully restored, Craftsman house  (don’t you love that shade of blue? ). It was in an area FULL of old historic homes along with a church or two and other intriguing buildings. What a treat to drive around and enjoy some gorgeous architectural “eye candy.”

The porch has one of my all-time favorite things to spot on a porch – a swing. Two of our family’s homes have sported those over the years. They are so relaxing on a peaceful quiet day with a good book (or your iPhone). And if the grandkids come to visit, they make grand cuddling swings!

Then we entered the house, and wow! The entry way was gorgeous. Followed by the formal living room and dining room with a fireplace. And while this is an old home, it’s been beautifully restored and updated. The kitchen was “to die for” gorgeous!!!!

An updated kitchen and electrical in a lovely old historic home

We enjoyed wandering through, peeking in various nooks and crannies. This awesome Craftsman has three stories PLUS a basement, which makes a wonderful man OR woman OR grandkid cave. With 3,879 square feet, 5 bedrooms 2+ bathrooms (including a bedroom and a bathroom with a shower on the main floor), there’s plenty of room for all SORTS of grand projects and purposes.

A wonderful man woman or grandkid cave

What a treasure this will be for any family! I know my grandchildren would be playing hide and seek forever, because I’d probably never be able to find all their great little hiding places.  And outside… It even has a balcony for afternoon tea parties, along with a nice big back yard that would be grand for entertaining!

Being a bit on the techy side, I was pleased to note it has updated wiring including high-tech cabling. Yay! So many houses are missing that and in this day and age, it really is important. When I bought a cute old Craftsman bungalow in Roseville, California, I had it rewired for safety AND for computers before I ever moved in. 🙂

This old historic Craftsman house (mansion 🙂 ) was definitely one of the high points of our visit this week, I have to say! Quite a treat, indeed. 

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  • This is a lovely home. I love, love, LOVE my older home that has myriad hiding spots for grandkiddos. Honestly, the fact it seemed such a “grandma house” is exactly why my husband and I bought it… and it was before we even had grandchildren. 😀

  • Here from the Grand Social, and I must say that house is stunning!! Wonderful what can be done if you have the know how. Love the premise of your blog; highlighting/preserving historic homes is a worthy endeavor, plus you make it look like fun! BB2U

    • Thanks Babushka – I’m not great at it but my sweet husband was. And it’s definitely fun. 🙂