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Weather apps come in handy in Hardin County KentuckyOh me, oh my! It’s the middle of summer (well, it’s summer anyway!) and raining steadily. Then again, the whole west coast has a mega heat wave going on! I will gladly take the rain, that’s for sure! How about you? Though I would like to know when it might end. And in the winter, I always want to be in the know about snow – when it will start AND when it will end. I’m one of those people who love to read the end of a book when I’m only half way through. I enjoy reading spoilers of movies (then I know if I really want to see it). And I REALLY like to know everything I can about the weather. Fortunately, living so close to Louisville, there are a lot of great options to help you and me. First are the great news stations in the area with plenty of weather information for us all. My favorites include:
  • WeatherCaster app which just replaced my Louisville Weather app – which uses the WHAS11 for its information around my home. You can let it go by your current location or turn that off and just plug in the zip code you want information about. This is one of the few apps I allow to send me notifications. I definitely like to know if any exciting weather is coming my way. 
  • I  also like to check the WHAS11 Facebook page and their website weather page for current updates and alerts. They are on Twitter, too.
  • Wave 3 Weather app – this includes radar, hourly, 10 day, an option for alerts, and even a direct link to their weather blog.
  • They, too, have a Wave 3 weather Facebook page as well as their website. And if you scroll to the bottom of the website, you’ll find even more great weather links!
  • WLKY also has a weather page for us on their website and Facebook, too.

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And then I have my Facebook app which has even more great Weather information links (along with the Wave3 and Whas11 links above):

  • Ohio Valley Weather Net – they also have a great blog and are on twitter.
  • MESOTRACK – The Kentucky Weather Network
  •  I just discovered NOAA has a Facebook page dedicated to Louisville Kentucky and the surrounding areas which should include Hardin County.

Don’t forget the iPhone Apps for Louisville, Kentucky and the surrounding areas (if you know of Android or other apps, we’d love to hear about them, as well.):

  • iRadar – Louisville
  • The Weather Channel app
  • Storm Spotter app – which I have set to Louisville, Kentucky and the surrounding areas including my own Hardin County.
  • This isn’t exactly weather but, since most of the electric outages seem to be weather-related, I also have the LGE KU ODP app in my weather folder. This keeps me apprised of any power outages Kentucky utilities might have. So if my lights go out, I first check to see if my neighbors’ are as well. But next I check this handy little app that shows what’s up. If there’s an outage, I’ll see a cute little triangle. When I lightly tap it, it tells me how many customers are affected, when the earliest report came in, the estimated time of restoration, and when it was last updated. And if all our power is out and nothing is showing, I go call the company to let them know. Fortunately, it doesn’t happen often. But it’s nice to have this if it does.
  • Tornado Spy app – we are very blessed in Hardin County Kentucky to get far fewer tornados and tornado alerts than other areas, such as Oklahoma! But they do happen and I like to be well prepared. I bought this little app years ago. Only once has it registered that there were tornado touch downs in my area – two – and when I got the paper the next day, it was “spot on.” I check this when the weather is wild and wooley or when the tornado alarms go off (except, of course, when they are testing them – In Hardin County, Kentucky, “The Outdoor Warning Sirens are tested at 12:00 hours (Noon) on the second Tuesday of each month. When testing, sirens will sound for approximately 30 seconds and should not repeat. In an actual emergency sirens are sounded for approximately 5 minutes and my repeat several times.”
  • I have two NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) apps but I generally just keep a page link to their website page for Louisville, Kentucky – (If you need to know how to do that on the iPhone, just ask in the comments.)
  • It’s not exactly weather-related but I also have Quake Feed – more for my California friends but nice to have no matter what.

Yes, I have to confess, I am a definite weather geek nerd junky! But it’s fun to be “in the know” in Hardin County, Kentucky, that’s for sure. By the way, if you have any other weather apps, sites, or links, DO leave them in the comments. I can always make more room on my iPhone for them…I think…I hope!!!! Have a dry day and a delightful Pink Saturday.



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