Delicious Food Options Abound in Elizabethtown Kentucky

I appreciate that there are plenty of pizza places in Elizabethtown Kentucky - in Hardin County KYEach time we’ve moved to a new area, one of the things I tend to do is look up what are some of the restaurants in the area. If you are moving to Elizabethtown Kentucky in Hardin County and are wondering the same thing, I thought I’d share some of our favorites.

We definitely have plenty of the fast food options which is good since I’m often on the run and really appreciate their speedy drive-thru windows. I love the cherry cokes and burgers at Sonic! My grandkids are always thrilled with the Happy Meal toys at McDonald’s and we ALL love the fries at Chick-fil-A. For that matter, have you tried their new salads? I really like their New Asian Salad. Yummy!

If you have a bit more time, you’ll enjoy places like Panera Bread and Bob Evans Restaurant. Plus we have a brand new McAllister’s Deli with their delicious French Dips and Pot Roast sandwiches!

When my mom and I enjoy a day out shopping, we often like to stop at Red Lobster. We love their shrimp scampi with a salad and fresh broccoli. Rafferty’s is another tasty treat including their French Dip sandwiches with seriously generous amounts of the thin slices of prime rib.

My latest favorite is Cheddars. They have a very tasty 8 oz. steak meal. I can only eat half, so the rest goes home with me for a healthy steak salad the next day.

In the mood for some taste bud traveling. We love Los Nopales Mexican restaurant. Their shredded beef tacos are delicious. Green Bamboo Chinese Restaurant is a tasty treat as well.

And when it comes to Pizza, there are tons of options. My granddaughter loves Snappy Tomato in Radcliff, KY, and is winning me over to her side although I also love Pizza Hut’s vegetarian pizza. And if I’m in a rush, Fazzoli’s offers drive through service, as well as dining in.

Of course, one of the top choices for the teens and tweens is Mr. Gatti’s Pizza – a tasty buffet coupled with fun arcade games. It’s a lot of fun for the whole family.

These aren’t the only great places to eat in Elizabethtown Kentucky. But they’re definitely a good place to start! Got more suggestions? Be sure to tell us about them in the comments.

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