Beautiful Flowers and Stately Shady Trees! Seasonal Bliss

These delightful summer lilies bloomed in a lovely heart display at a lovely old vintage homeSome of the many joys of lovely old vintage homes can be the beautiful, lush and mature trees coupled with the seasonal delights of flowers that pop up here there and everywhere. Seeds and bulbs planted long ago by previous owners are often still blooming today and are such a wonderful gift to the current and future owners from past residents. A lifelong treasure and gardening legacy for all!

For example, at one of my favorite old historic homes there are gardening delights through the year. Just before it’s time for spring to arrive…

Heirloom daffodils are some of the many beautiful flowers that come up each year at a favorite old historic home

…the daffodils start to pop their heads out in brilliant shades of yellow. What a delight!

Spring arrives, as do the many many leaves on the trees in the front, back and side yards. The joy of being surrounded by all the lovely greenery is matched by the fun of watching the daffodils popping up more and more – front and back yard – and finding the first lovely purple tulips to say HAPPY SPRING to all!

These gorgeous tulips come up annually at a delightful Victorian Farmhouse

Summer, being summer, is usually pretty warm. Many people may shy away from playing outside during the day but not at that lovely vintage home! The shade from all the trees made the play area a true delight. In past years, we enjoyed grand games of kick ball, tag, and swinging under those trees, being so grateful for their lush coolness.

The Backyard of this lovely vintage Victorian Farmhouse is well shaded making it a great place for a family to enjoy the summertime fun

And don’t forget the gorgeous lilies – pink like the first photo above and orange day lilies to bring a smile to the face!

Spring Daylilies

Autumn arrives – my favorite season! No new flowers but that’s OK. Because the gorgeous fall foliage makes up for it. The Gingko Biloba is bright and beautiful with a truly lovely history.

More dramatic autumn color from the ginkgo biloba tree that greets you at the delightful Victorian Farmhouse

As for the rest of the trees, as autumn advances, the leaves hang tentatively, then one by one they lazily drift down bringing huge smiles to all our faces as we enjoy playing in their colorful crunchiness.

Trees at a Grand Country Farmhouse - Autumn Bliss and Fall glory

These are only some of the heritage delights we enjoyed at that lovely historic old home. Talk about seasonal bliss!

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